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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Ms. Garner style in Nudes! I love nude colors and there are a few different kinds, its flavor is sophisticated and appealing. To me it has the touch of class that screams fashion forward and I believe this season everyone is feeling this....
GO grab you a nude outfit, polish, lipstick, and or purse and let us see your style!

Ms. Garner is rocking this Nude outfit and I wanted to share with all how boldly we can go. As plus size women we tend to stray away from BOLD  colors because we believe that they make us look larger than what we are. For one embrace your BOLDNESS no matter how big you are. Love who you are now and if you desire to make change then do so but do it with loving yourself. Please don't hurt yourself with other peoples image of what your beauty should be. Now go on with your beautiful self!

The cut and style of this outfit gives Ms. Garner the right curves. The pleated skirt bring everything straight down as oppose to across which makes your torso look longer instead of wider. This especially works for shorter people and those with a high waist. The jacket breaks everything in the middle that helps with putting all the right curves into place. I think she really pulled this outfit off........

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