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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BODY WRAP (Detox and Lose INCHES!!) Subscribe...OHHHH YEAH!

Yesterday I talked, no the other day I talked about detoxing and cleansing the colon so I want to share this fun but important video that Ms. Cherry and myself did for you all last summer. Please treat it like it's a newbie, lol....

I hope you take your health serious and if you have any new trends that you want to share with us please submit them to us in the inbox! Let's get tone for the summer and optimum health for a lifetime!


With all this rain in my area I needed to think about summer and it's sun shining heat waves for the beach. So I posted this before a couple of months ago and now I think we can have a little more appreciation for it since summer is near. 
These bathing suits are a breath of fresh air from what they use to look like for plus size women 10 years ago, smh... I think we are making enough noise to say we want style too and we can have it being a plus size women or man for that matter.
These fringe bathing suits are adorable for the plus size and I think this is from IGGI. Forgive me I thought I titled it appropriately, lol. I am more than sure you can type it in the search engine to find them.
Happy Bathing suit shopping!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How I am feeling RIGHT NOW... this is intimate, lol

So I feel like a bloated mushroom.....
I am learning more and more to pay attention to my body. It's amazing how the body tells you what it needs and right now mine is telling me that I need a colonic! ASAP.... If you are like me a bread and cheese eater you have to make sure you keep your bowels open from blockage and the best way to do that is get your colon cleansed.
I will tell you you feel amazingly refreshed and super charged. Made my appointment for tomorrow morning and I can't wait!
Thank you mother for loving me because she is always telling me the best things to do for my body and they work, she loves me and I love her!


Sunday, April 27, 2014


So I heard about the Clippers (basketball team) owner who is very prejudice and I say okay and what's new!?
I don't personally know the owner and don't care too but what I don't understand is his marriage. If you are prejudice than why are you married okay I mean girlfriend (would she not be wifey because she is mixed? hmmm) to a mixed woman?? Prejudice people have a hate love I think. I originally said that if I were on his team that I would boycott his company but after really thinking about this this is just business. But Hell Yes!! I would CREATE MY OWN, honestly boycotting is not needed; what he is doing is modern day slavery. Making money off of African American (Bilalian) people. The players make more than enough together to buy their own team. I am more than sure everyone has their opinion to how they would handle this matter. I will also say that listening to him giving his wife his reasons why he is prejudice makes him look very ignorant and dump. His best answer was that it's my culture and she asked why is it important to dislike Black's and he stuttered and still only gave because it's just my culture. No real understanding to what his history was and is towards Bilalian people; he is ignorantly blind following something that in the beginning made no sense other than use them to build American economics (slave trade). Now remember we all have our rights to like or dislike a thing and so does he but do we have to agree? NO we don't so I will stick with my opening and it is yes CREATE OUR OWN!! Leave the Clippers! I keep battling in mind about this.....I STILL SAY START YOUR OWN TEAMS. As I mentioned he has the right to personally (that's all it is)  feel the way he does even if it doesn't makes sense to the rest of the intelligent world. It is business! I am more than sure most companies that run America are owned by the most prejudice people but we still do business with them. Realistically it's like saying I won't do business with you because your prejudice.  Well if you haven't spit in my face, talked ignorant to me or anything thing like that and you have been cordial then okay; you kept your ignorance to yourself. Hell most of them will shake your hand and smile in your face! What can you really do especially if it's business. Every culture of people has a disrespectful nature and prejudice towards Black's (Bilalian's) but we still do business with them, right? YEAH! All I ask is that you please just don't openly show me disrespect. Honestly she brought their home life to the world arena and maybe she shouldn't have! I am done... .....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Big BOLD and Beautiful Women, Celebrity Bloggers: When Life throws you lemons....

Big BOLD and Beautiful Women, Celebrity Bloggers: When Life throws you lemons....: I take the bitter with the sweet. So as life when it throws you lemons. Tomorrow will be the day when life changes and I am more than sure a...

When Life throws you lemons....

I take the bitter with the sweet. So as life when it throws you lemons. Tomorrow will be the day when life changes and I am more than sure after the bitter will come the sweet. G-d is ever present and allowing you to experience HIS world is a beautiful thing. We make our own choices in life good, bad and or indifferent. I will do my best to embrace what the unknown has in store for me. I am a little nervous, scared and sad at the same time but my faith keeps all of these emotions to a limit. I am waiting to see the smiles to follow, I know and I believe. Pray for me, as I pray for you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'am an ADDICT! Don't judge me......

I did tell you all I talk about everything so here is my confession.
I am a hard core player of MW2, yes I am and there I said it...... Oh how I wish that there were more women like myself on this game. It is so much fun! I talk major trash with the men that play and most can't handle my mouth, it's hilarious! My whole family plays and we each have our designated rooms. My husband and 2 sons, it's a great modern way of playing games with family. Now please don't get me wrong we still play board games like scrabble and taboo, you just can't replace them.
But I need more women to join me you won't regret it. I will warn you the perverts and prejudice folks do exist but you can just avoid playing with them and report any harassment. There are cheaters and we refuse to play with them. My clan is the most popular ones out there (I do have bragging rights). Plus it helps you to feel better just tearing them up on the game! So if you have xbox and MW2 let me know, and thank you for reading my confession. HA!


So I cam across this post on my fb  about a young lady who left her hair extensions in her hair for about  6 or 9 months. I believe 9 months. While doing so she began to grow MOLD. You may wonder how, right? There would be a combination of scenarios that would make this happen and in my professional opinion here are a few. Firstly. if you are an extreme sweater, swimmer, has a scalp disease like eczema etc. leaving in hair extensions that long should not be an option and you can clearly see why.

The biggest issue I see is that now mold is in her system (blood stream) and that's SCARY! It was so bad that they had to shave her hair off but hopefully someone told her that now she should be on a blood cleanser for awhile to help remove that deadly toxic from her body. Again this is only my opinion. 

The point of the story is that you should speak with your professional hair care stylist about how long you should leave your extensions in for. And if your hair itches badly and begins to smell you should probably take it out and a professional shouldn't have to tell you that. 

Keep this story in mind when you consider how long you leave your extensions in for!

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