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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So I cam across this post on my fb  about a young lady who left her hair extensions in her hair for about  6 or 9 months. I believe 9 months. While doing so she began to grow MOLD. You may wonder how, right? There would be a combination of scenarios that would make this happen and in my professional opinion here are a few. Firstly. if you are an extreme sweater, swimmer, has a scalp disease like eczema etc. leaving in hair extensions that long should not be an option and you can clearly see why.

The biggest issue I see is that now mold is in her system (blood stream) and that's SCARY! It was so bad that they had to shave her hair off but hopefully someone told her that now she should be on a blood cleanser for awhile to help remove that deadly toxic from her body. Again this is only my opinion. 

The point of the story is that you should speak with your professional hair care stylist about how long you should leave your extensions in for. And if your hair itches badly and begins to smell you should probably take it out and a professional shouldn't have to tell you that. 

Keep this story in mind when you consider how long you leave your extensions in for!

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