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Sunday, April 27, 2014


So I heard about the Clippers (basketball team) owner who is very prejudice and I say okay and what's new!?
I don't personally know the owner and don't care too but what I don't understand is his marriage. If you are prejudice than why are you married okay I mean girlfriend (would she not be wifey because she is mixed? hmmm) to a mixed woman?? Prejudice people have a hate love I think. I originally said that if I were on his team that I would boycott his company but after really thinking about this this is just business. But Hell Yes!! I would CREATE MY OWN, honestly boycotting is not needed; what he is doing is modern day slavery. Making money off of African American (Bilalian) people. The players make more than enough together to buy their own team. I am more than sure everyone has their opinion to how they would handle this matter. I will also say that listening to him giving his wife his reasons why he is prejudice makes him look very ignorant and dump. His best answer was that it's my culture and she asked why is it important to dislike Black's and he stuttered and still only gave because it's just my culture. No real understanding to what his history was and is towards Bilalian people; he is ignorantly blind following something that in the beginning made no sense other than use them to build American economics (slave trade). Now remember we all have our rights to like or dislike a thing and so does he but do we have to agree? NO we don't so I will stick with my opening and it is yes CREATE OUR OWN!! Leave the Clippers! I keep battling in mind about this.....I STILL SAY START YOUR OWN TEAMS. As I mentioned he has the right to personally (that's all it is)  feel the way he does even if it doesn't makes sense to the rest of the intelligent world. It is business! I am more than sure most companies that run America are owned by the most prejudice people but we still do business with them. Realistically it's like saying I won't do business with you because your prejudice.  Well if you haven't spit in my face, talked ignorant to me or anything thing like that and you have been cordial then okay; you kept your ignorance to yourself. Hell most of them will shake your hand and smile in your face! What can you really do especially if it's business. Every culture of people has a disrespectful nature and prejudice towards Black's (Bilalian's) but we still do business with them, right? YEAH! All I ask is that you please just don't openly show me disrespect. Honestly she brought their home life to the world arena and maybe she shouldn't have! I am done... .....

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