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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'am an ADDICT! Don't judge me......

I did tell you all I talk about everything so here is my confession.
I am a hard core player of MW2, yes I am and there I said it...... Oh how I wish that there were more women like myself on this game. It is so much fun! I talk major trash with the men that play and most can't handle my mouth, it's hilarious! My whole family plays and we each have our designated rooms. My husband and 2 sons, it's a great modern way of playing games with family. Now please don't get me wrong we still play board games like scrabble and taboo, you just can't replace them.
But I need more women to join me you won't regret it. I will warn you the perverts and prejudice folks do exist but you can just avoid playing with them and report any harassment. There are cheaters and we refuse to play with them. My clan is the most popular ones out there (I do have bragging rights). Plus it helps you to feel better just tearing them up on the game! So if you have xbox and MW2 let me know, and thank you for reading my confession. HA!

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